STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Traditional With A Twist

Style Advice of the Week

Many college campuses are able to boast a unique fashion fingerprint, created by the versatility of their student populations. Each student brings an individual view point that adds to the array of styles, fabrics and colors parading from the corridors to the classrooms. However one institution in particular has quite famously intertwined the scholarly with the sartorial to create a collegiate style that Fashionistas all around the world continually strive to replicate.

The heritage of Oxford University is derived not only from its incredible prestige, but also from its role as the birthplace of the iconic elegance lying at the heart of preppy style. The Oxford button-down shirt is perhaps the most famous of the collegiate style staples, earning its distinction in the nineteenth century due to the basket-weave pattern by which it’s made. Equally long-lived are the laced Oxford shoes, which were created as a sign of rebellion against the conventionally popular knee-high boots of the times. Add into this mix a sweater vest and tailored pants and you get the quintessential combination of traditional, scholastic trends.

This week’s Fashionista draws clear inspiration from classic Oxford style, but with a few modifications she offers a modern take on the timeless trend. Peeking out from under her maroon scarf you can see the crisp collar of a white button-down shirt. Much of the formality of the Oxford look comes from the button-down, however there are several ways to add an extra edge while still looking put-together. The first option is to choose a white collar with some sort of embellishment. The second option is to follow this Fashionista’s lead and cut the crispness of the collar by layering it with oversize sweaters. Striped sweaters and cable knits are conventional fall separates; however buying them a size up will allow you to combine their differing textures together into one look. Notice how this Fashionista contrasted the light and dark hues in her sweaters, yet still let the textures do the talking by maintaining a conservative color palette. Staying consistent with her navy blue stripes, she opted for dark blue denim jeans with a touch of side zipper detailing. The use of denim adds a dose of casual chic, while the dark wash of the jeans keeps the look clean. To tie together her scholarly ensemble, this Fashionista opted for a pair of burgundy Oxford shoes. The rich hue of her shoes complements the red tones in both her scarf and her lipstick, thereby emphasizing the three perfectly spaced pops of color.

This fall strive for inspiration over imitation. Be inspired by the classic Oxford trend, but wear the iconic look with a twist by adding an effortless coolness and a modern edge.


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