STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Thumbs Up to Manly Coats

Style Advice of the Week

For this week’s post, I decided to feature another fashion-forward male. Females can’t take all the credit! This past week has been a bit gloomy. The weather has been cold, wet and cloudy. It has put a damper on people’s social lives. The campus, which is usually lively, has calmed down a bit. Students head to the library to study for their upcoming finals. I spotted this Fashionisto doing exactly the same.

Dressed warmly in Converse, dark wash jeans, a denim shirt and a sweater, I couldn’t help but notice his black puffy parka. I usually don’t see too many men in coats, even in the winter. My guy friends and boyfriend constantly tell me that jackets are too fussy and cramp their style. However, this Fashionisto certainly proved them wrong.

I liked the casual feel of his outfit due to the addition of this coat. His outfit would have looked great with a classic peacoat, but by wearing a sportier coat, this ensemble makes his look more relatable. The rich black color is attractive and highlights his striped sweater perfectly. Unfussy, I can see many guys liking this coat and wearing it as well.

So for all the males out there that are freezing, it's time you purchase a coat this winter! Try this coat by the Northface. Its almost identical styling will keep your outfit looking sharp. If you’re looking for a similar look that is a little less pricey, try this coat from Patagonia. Lastly, try American Eagle for a coat that is on sale and will achieve the same look and warmth.




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