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The winter has officially begun, and I am not sure if this is per usual, but the weather seems to be fluctuating like no other. One moment I am dying of despair because of the bleak temperature drops and constantly ask myself was challenging my self by doing this whole east coast thing really worth it or lives up to its rewards. Meanwhile the next day its like 50 degrees and a jacket is more of an accessory than anything else. While walking through the Quad the other day, I ran into my fellow California Fashionista and could not get over her gray wool coat that seem to be fitting to this particular winter’s day agenda. The toggle coat is a trend that you cannot get away from around Villanova’s campus.

When first spotting this Fashionista, I was impressed her ability to pull of the menswear look in a graceful manner. She was able to master this menswear look was mastered by her blue Thomas Mason blouse, Steve Madden boots and dark-denim wash jeans. It is undeniable that the menswear look is very common with celebrities and Nationers alike. Celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Kirsten Dunst crave about the menswear look and it is something that is easily attained. But the item the item that I could not stop raving about was definitely her wool coat. This is a must have item that I have seen all over the runways, including Calvin Klein and Villanova’s campus alike. This little number was found at Anthropologie and seems to be cohesive with any everyday outfit. These gray wool jackets are the perfect item to match any outfit and will keep you warm at the same time!!

Hint: Want your own wool coat but still keep your own style? This can be easily accomplished through keeping whatever your trend because this coat is so versatile.



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