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The eye appreciates a good tease. A flash of lace or the subtle silhouette of a torso behind gossamer fabric—these are the things that peak our visual interest. Often we only need part of the story because our imagination can have more fun creating the rest. Today’s Fashionista is the ultimate embodiment of this concept.

Take a look at how her dress peeks out from underneath her classic, toggle closure coat. With only a hint of flounce and a splash of ditsy, floral print, the eye is satisfied. It reads flirty and cute in that effortless, “Parisian girl” kind of way. She balances her feminine yet classic top half with a fabulous pair of black, leather over-the-knee boots. This bold item is the perfect counterpart and a great choice for walking around campus all day. I love how she adds a purple scarf to her ensemble as well. This bit of color near her face ties the whole look together.

I don’t know about you but I have been on a quest for the perfect pair of black, over-the-knee boots, just like the ones today’s Fashionista is wearing. So I immediately jumped at the chance to ask where she found hers (they are Chinese Laundry). Using the boots as the foundation, you can re-create her look with an equally flouncy mini-dress worn under a medium length coat. Opt for a pea-coat style or a classic duffle coat, like the one today’s Fashionista is sporting. Contrast this classic item with your accessories. For instance, you can keep the visual play going with a bright scarf and semi-opaque tights.

They say no one likes a tease, but I beg to differ. With the right pieces and tasteful execution, being a tease can be the pinnacle of fashion sense.


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