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In the fashion world, designers continually work to combine fabrics and silhouettes in novel ways, all in the scope of creating fashion-forward pieces. Haute couture runways were always notorious for housing silhouettes that were sometimes so outrageous, that even the most daring Fashionistas would be hesitant to wear them. However, the use of exaggerated silhouettes seems to have trickled down from haute couture and infused itself into ready-to-wear styles.

With asymmetrical geometries and unconventional proportions, designers are breaking the boundaries of wearable clothing. I’m enamoured with the current trend towards the awe-striking, however the avant garde has also revived within me an appreciation for the classic. One of the most timeless feminine silhouettes is that of the cinched waist and the flared hem. It creates a figure that's so desirable that women of the ancient past would willingly suffocate themselves with corsets to create dramatic hourglass figures. Although modern fashion has freed women from the constraints of the corset, a less exaggerated version of this silhouette is still embraced by Fashionistas everywhere.

This week’s Fashionista has one of the most darling outfits that I’ve seen this fall. Something about the way she combined her pea coat, silk scarf and moccasin loafers, channels an effortlessly endearing Parisian chic. The centrepiece of her outfit is of course her pea coat, which has long been an essential style staple for fall. The origins of the pea coat lay in the navy, so it’s no surprise that one of this season’s top trends is in fact the military-inspired coat. With two columns of gold buttons, a dark grey hue and a linear geometry created by the black piping along the front of her coat, this Fashionista is definitely showcasing the strength associated with military wear.

What I love most about her jacket is the cinched waist, flared hem and puff sleeves that create a feminine silhouette directly contrasting the detailing on the coat. For a similar silhouette in a military green color, opt for this alternative from Topshop. ASOS also offers a belted option with a dropped hem on the back of the skirt. If you want a more streamlined hem that still contains a cinched waist, this coat from Mango is a great choice. This Fashionista’s incorporation of a silk scarf adds a lady-like elegance to her outfit, while her vintage leather loafers and black tights give a dose of prep school chic. Head to toe, this Fashionista’s look is proof of the beauty that a classic silhouette can bring.

When picking a coat this fall, rekindle your love for the classics. Contrast strong accents with feminine silhouettes and you’ll be sure to get the perfect pea coat.


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