Some people tend to think that you are only subjected to one style at a time, but in my opinion, one of the best things about fashion is experimenting and trying things outside of your comfort zone. Mixing styles in a single look is one way of doing just that. Whether it be western and preppy or grunge and girly, clashing styles done correctly can take your outfit to a whole other level.

It was a normal, humid Philippine November day when I spotted this SoFA Design Institute student. She is wearing a blue pinstriped blazer, a leopard print blouse, purple skinny jeans and magenta ballet flats. The thing I love most about this Fashionista’s outfit is the cross between her corporate-like top half and her feminine playfulness bottom half. She exudes sophisticated chic perfectly and it’s a great way to look comfortable, yet stylish for those busy on-the-go days.

The secret to achieving your best clash is one mixing up two different styles and two, your pieces are evenly balanced just like this week’s Fashionista. For example, for a different take on the comfy meets chic, try the sweatpants look! Wear a statement shirt like this from Romwe, a pair of cute knee-length sweats, and some killer heels. This will not only free you from a pair of jeans in a day, but you’ll look trendy and comfortable all in one. The sweatpants and heels look has been done by bloggers and is still creeping its way in to the general masses. Whatever your style clash may be, it’s a way to push yourself creatively and will surely be an unexpected yet pleasantly fun surprise to those who look your way!


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