The maxi dress: an underrated dress that for some odd reason everyone seems to leave behind a lot of the time. It is not the outfit you would immediately think of or see around, probably because many have the misconception that you have to have legs that run on for miles to be able to pull it off, but I am here to say that this is not true. In fact, plain black or plain coloured maxi dresses, like this Fashionista's, can make you look slimmer, more slender and taller!

Personally, I feel that maxi dresses should look, and be styled, as minimalistic as possible. Having too many prints on a maxi dress will not have the same sophisticated effect the same dress will have without prints. This Fashionista did it perfectly, and looked effortless in her simple, yet chic maxi dress. Pairing her dress with a large necklace keeps her outfit from being plain without overpowering it.

Maxi dresses come in all shapes and forms. They are versatile and can be worn on numerous occasions. Going on a date or just a casual night out with friends? This Olsen maxi dress by Religion will do the trick. Going to a dinner and dance? Then this vibrant reddish-orange piece by Aqua will be the perfect choice. Even if you want to relax and grunge out in a comfortable one piece, ASOS's maxi dress in Jersey and woven mix is the one for you. Whatever occasion, you can definitely count on the maxi dress to pull through.


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