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Do you ever have those days where you struggle trying to pair articles of clothing together from your wardrobe. For example, you have a dress; two blouses, a jacket and you are trying to figure out how to place these all together. This is the story of my life. I have days where I am more then capable of styling outfits together, and then one day out of the week I will have a brain fart. So it here when I usually head on over to some of my favorite styling blogs like Wendy's Lookbook and sites like Polyvore and CollegeFashionista for extra guidance. Therefore, this week posts goes out to those lovely ladies who are having those difficult moments in their life.

This Fashionista was spotted rocking a full-length maxi dress, layered nicely with an oversized tank and statement jewelry. One of the lovely things about this outfit is how simply one can put it together, whether it be with a romper, dress or jumpsuit. All you really need to redo this little get up is a maxi skirt or dress and some key accessories. You can do this by adding signatures statement pieces like a chain necklace or oversized earrings. Maybe even think about adding an over sized ring or chunky bracelets.

However, the final way to make this outfit pop even more would be to add an over sized tee. You might be thinking, “What on is she talking about?” I am talking about adding an oversized tee or tank top or blouse to make this outfit stand out even more. This Fashionista mastered it by adding a sheer black oversized tank over her floral print dress. However, she made it pop even more by knotting the oversized tank at the end. This design element gave a very simple dress and tanks much more character and style. Therefore you are more prone to imitate a look like this.

To my fellow Fashionista’s, I hope this little lesson will help you all during your moments of need.


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