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The sixties were an intersting time in history. Changes came from every nature ranging from civil rights, music,  fashion and our topic for today: film. In the late 1950s-early 1960s a new type of movie genre appeared that broke barriers and lead to innovative and provocative cinematic treasures: the French New Wave. You might be acquainted with these films through the beautiful Brigitte Bardot so you shouldn’t be surprised that her style has influenced today’s Fashionista.

In today’s society we normally tend to be trend obsessed but our Fashionista today took fashion classics and gave them a different take. She proves that stripes and basic colors can make just as much of a statement. By adding a classic beret to her demanding red coat she evokes French New Wave with no effort—incredibly chic.

The piece de resistance is most definitely her mother’s purse. This vital piece of clothing is proof that an accessory of such caliber can instantly give another life to an outfit.

Recreate this outfit by purchasing a colorful stripe dress that can be easily found at J.Crew. For a nicer take on your wallet, Old Navy has a large variety to choose from.

Nora Ephron once said: “never wear a red coat, people will see you coming and they’ll say, ‘There she is in her red coat.’” Well Nora, you might have a point, but there is nothing more dashing or more French than a red coat. She probably just didn’t know how to style it properly.  So take cues from this Fashionista and purchase your own and with a vintage style from stores in Etsy or your local thrift store.

Chelsea’s purse was given to her as heirloom from her mother.  You can find a similar style at Brahmin that conveys the same style.

Fashion will always be cyclical and transcend beyond magazines. The point is to spot trends from a medium that is not being observed at the time.


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