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This classy Fashionista was seen battling the cold front with the most flattering and universal color: black. Starting this outdoor look with a black pea coat, this Fashionista is immediately saying she is classy, feminine and trendy. Pairing black riding leggings underneath, she takes a casual piece to a dressier level. What’s so great about these leggings? If you look closely, they’re thicker than the average legging. Not only will this keep the winter chills away, but it just makes the outfit all the more “put together.”

The boots are the shining star of the show. Tall, black and bold, these Michael Kors masterpieces are something to cheer about. The studded purse is the perfect accessory. Or perhaps it’s competing with her gorgeous plum lip color for the top-notch add-on. Regardless, the Michael Kors boots are without a doubt best-in-show.

This outfit is classic, flattering and sophisticated. It’s also warm. It wouldn’t be difficult to recreate because this Fashionista took basic pieces (all in black) and just paired them very well.This Calvin Klein coat from Nordstrom is the perfect fit. Bloomingdale’s will hook you up with the Michael Kors riders, and Polyvore has a nice selection of thick leggings. Don’t try to use cheap, cotton leggings as a substitute if you plan on wearing this outfit outside. You will regret it with shivers later. MARC BY MARC JACOBS has an extraordinary studded black satchel, but if you don’t dare to spend $600 on a purse, Steve Madden has a gorgeous twin for 1/6 of the price ($100).

I am a firm believer that when you do an all-black classy outfit, you can’t go wrong. It’s up to you how dressy or casual you make it. Accessorizing with all black attire is also quite fun, especially when you’re feeling a little crazy and add a neon necklace or a metallic headband. At the end of the day, black is black; there's just something to be said for a color that's always in season.


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