STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Eclectic Victorian

Style Advice of the Week

What I love about fashion is how much creativity you can put into an ensemble. If you’re feeling bold, you can color block bright colors or mix animal prints. If you’re feeling minimalistic, you can keep it simple with jeans and a cute blazer. No matter what you are feeling though, your personality will always shine through. Today’s Fashionista reminds me of a cross between Victorian and modern. Although she’s not in a corset and sporting a bustle, her lace skirt and deep red velvet blazer pay homage to the era.

This Fashionista is sporting an array of textures that come together to create an eclectic and fancy fall look. On top, her red velvet blazer really stands out. She layers a solid cardigan over a printed top with a cozy patterned scarf to top everything off. Velvet is definitely a fun material to play with because the shiny, smooth texture makes colors look much richer. It also works great for the fall since it tends to be a bit heavier. On the bottom half, she incorporates neutrals with an adorable white lace skirt, opaque black tights and brown oxfords. Even though lace was popular during the summer, this Fashionista makes it clear that you can adapt it into a fall look. Although there are a lot of elements to her look, everything paired together forms an interesting and original fall outfit.

To put together a creative ensemble like this one, I really encourage you to have a fun play date with your closet. Start with a solid skirt (in any texture) and add a patterned top. Depending on the weather, you might want to add a sweater and black or gray tights. You can keep the sweater a solid neutral color, or add a subtle pattern like polka dots or small stripes. If you want to incorporate velvet, you can follow this Fashionista’s footsteps with a fitted blazer. For shoes, keep them simple and classy such as oxfords or loafers.


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