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As someone who is usually attracted to bright colors and fun patterns, I have found myself being drawn more and more towards dark neutrals and solids. But it’s not because these colors are reflecting some bad mood I may be in. I have merely come to the realization that the combination of dark colors can come together to create an effortlessly cool look, like today’s Fashionisto has done.

He has put together a flawless combination of black, dark gray and white by mixing up textures and keeping it simple. He has also balanced the black, gray and leather aspect of his look extremely well. My eyes are drawn to the entire look instead of just the upper or lower half. Having the black and gray at each end of his outfit makes everything harmonious and spread out evenly.

Along with having a very balanced look, this Fashionisto is looking downright dapper. He is completely rocking his dressier pair of shoes and making them work perfectly in a daytime outfit. His jacket also makes a great statement with the subtle leather detail on the sleeves. Not to mention it fits him perfectly. The chunky gray eternity scarf is yet another great addition to his smart and simple ensemble. I don’t often see Fashionisto’s sporting scarves on campus, so it is quite refreshing to see a guy wearing one with confidence and style.      

If you want to look as snappy as this Fashionisto, I suggest you take some cues from his look. You could even inside out his ensemble by putting together black jeans, a black scarf, a gray jacket and similarly toned gray shoes. Or you could imitate his look with your own version by potentially swapping out the pants for a gray skirt, or the jacket for a long black coat.


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