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Have you ever thought about where trends start? It used to be that celebrities and designers were the ones that popularized them each season, but with the success of the Internet within the last ten years, it now seems that street style and fashion bloggers are the ones reporting the latest trends from the real world. The roles have been reversed. Now, celebrities and designers are taking inspiration from us — the true fashion icons.

The Internet has made it so easy to voice your opinions, whether it’s on the upcoming election, the terrible movie you just saw or the newest thing to dominate the fashion world. There are plenty of fashion bloggers out there who are not concerned with what is “on trend” but are simply there to inspire you to be yourself and create your own trends that fit in flawlessly with your style.

While trends are fun to experiment with, they are not going to be around forever. When it comes to fashion, always stick to what makes you feel the most confident.

Today’s Fashionisto is the example of a trendsetter. His curly chest is the perfect canvas for his collection of vintage necklaces from around the country. Since almost everyone collects something, try working one of your collections into your wardrobe to really showcase your individuality. Do you collect rings? Pile them on your fingers or string them into a necklace. What about coins? Attach them to a handbag or jacket as a stud substitute. The possibilities are endless. Don’t hide your collections away where no one can see — wear them!



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