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After a year and a half on the Ball State campus, I have seen a lot of backpacks: ninja turtle shells, Pikachu faces, screen-printed cat collages. Once I saw a baby strapped to a woman’s back, a risky move that bordered the line of child abuse and very innovative back accessory. Upon spotting this Fashionisto and his utilitarian style backpack, I remembered the beauty of basics. 

Since most students carry a backpack everyday, a neutral-colored book storage device is always a safe option. Urban Outfitters carries a wide selection of tan tones with various buckles that are questionably for function but definitely for fashion, much like this Fashionisto’s. For those that prefer a more daring backpack, this American flag printed bag is ideal.

Stripes are a sure way to call attention to an outfit. The A.P.C. spring collection showcases the bold statement of a plain striped shirt when paired with a bright colored skirt. This Fashionisto’s stripes are muted under a light jacket, yet still add an attention-grabbing element to the outfit.

The congruency between this Fashionisto’s jacket and shoes proves he actually does understand fashion. Many of the men I know just throw things together; sometimes it looks great, but other times makes me cringe. The gray color incorporated into both the shoes and jacket is the same while the piping on the shoes accents the shirt color. With stripes, buckles, neutrals and Vans, this Fashionisto embodies All-American cool.


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