STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Thankful For Textures

Style Advice of the Week

There are certain things that can make or break an outfit. Wear an entire outfit of one color all in one texture, and you may risk looking like the denim disaster that was Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in the 2001 American Music Awards. Vary the colors and/ or textures in your outfit, however, and you may look like a Fashionista that has just rolled off the spread of Vogue. Textures are the perfect, often under looked, way to easily enhance a fall outfit, and this Fashionista shows us exactly how to take textures and transform your threads.

This Fashionista wore an all black and gray outfit on her way to a family function, and by doing so, she kept her look both sophisticated and modern. She wore a charcoal wool skirt with a solid black tight-fitted shirt, black opaque tights and leather paneled heels. To top her outfit off, this Fashionista added another layer with her shiny Lululemon structured down jacket.

By wearing almost exclusively black, this Fashionista created a monochromatic look that looked put together and very interesting. The multiple layers added body and structure to her outfit, while the juxtaposition of natural and unnatural fabrics added additional dimension to her outfit.

To achieve a look similar to this Fashionista, pair varying fabrics with different noticeable textures. A leather skirt, for example, matches perfectly with faux furs. Try wearing a chunky knit sweater with velvet leggings, like these from Pitusa.

For Fashionistos, the same rules apply. This Brandeis University Fashionisto, for example, shows how to combine textures in a monochromatic look, while this SCAD Fashionisto reveals his refined ‘20s look through texture.


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