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So often I hear girls say “I wish I could pull off that many layers without looking ridiculous!” when browsing a J.Crew catalog or looking at The Limited advertisements. I was one of you, I was afraid of two different patterns, I was terrified of putting a shirt underneath another shirt for fear of looking bulky and slob-like. Then when I turned 19 I suddenly realized that I had been missing on out on a lot of really great outfits because of my timidity. Don’t be like me; learn from my mistakes.

What I loved about this Fashionista's look is that it made layering so practical and understandable. For those of us who aren’t quite ready to soar to the J.Crew level of layering this is a perfect example of how to layer two patterns comfortably. She layered a patterned purple shirt underneath a black and gray sweater. What makes this work? Two things: the contrast in shape and structure of the two shirts plus the contrast of pattern. Look for shirts that have completely different colors and patterns, if you get two similar shirts it can be harder to match when first starting to layer. Then look for a structured shirt to layer underneath, this really helps keep you from looking slouchy or frumpy. These two tips are the advice I clung to when first learning how to layer and it has stayed with me for the past two years.

This Fashionista knew how to coordinate her patterns and carried it with confidence, always a must when rocking an outfit you are proud of. Don’t be afraid of taking inspiration from your favorite store that you think rocks but is too many layers. Break it down into more “you” style and layer up!


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