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There are so many unique trends to try this season, from baroque to military; of the bunch, print mixing is probably the most daunting. It can take a while to get comfortable with categorizing something you’ve been told your whole life is tacky, as chic and fashion-forward. Print mixing most likely got its start on a high school tacky day, but if it weren’t for those teens, we never would have known that something about polka-dots and floral or animal print on animal print just works.

What’s so wonderful about mixing prints is the endless outfits that can be generated from things that are already in your wardrobe. It’s also easier to do than you may think. There are only a couple of rules to keep in mind whilst mixing the perfect printed ensemble. Number one, choose one small print and one large print. Number two, keep the smaller print neutral and the larger print a bright or neutral. There are no rules as to which goes on top and which goes on bottom, but keep in mind that smaller prints in a darker color will make you appear slimmer.

Today’s Fashionista is the perfect example of a mix master. She chose a floral turtleneck in blues and greens and a black midi skirt with white polka-dots. She followed the rules of small and large as well as bright and neutral. In her case, the neutral skirt also acts as a break between the colorful top and the olive tights. Monochrome feet are the way to go with statement tights like that. She went for one black sock and one white sock worn with some gray Chucks.

As you can see, this trend really isn’t as hard to recreate as you might think. Just follow the two simple rules and most importantly, have fun with it!


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