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Many people automatically associate the incorporation of metal spikes into clothing as a reference to punk rock or the Goth subculture. The prevalence of spikes in punk and gothic fashion is undeniable, but by deeming spikes as part of a certain style category, their incredible sartorial potential becomes immediately limited. My personal perception of spikes comes from their historical usage in the suits of armour worn by the warriors of the ancient world.

Before the advent of televisions or Twitter, gladiators were the epitome of entertainment throughout the Roman Empire. Despite how barbaric it seems nowadays, there was something incredibly alluring to the Romans about watching the battles that occurred within the circular confines of the coliseum. Surely part of the appeal must have come from the immense bravery exhibited by these men, who were quite literally fighting for their lives. The armour donned by gladiators was sometimes no more than a helmet and a shield, often clad with metal spikes. This trend continued into medieval times, where metal spikes were added to the suits of armour worn by valiant knights. Fast-forward to the 21st century and we see the incorporation of spikes in a different context, but with the same message. They tell a story of strength and courage, all while transforming clothing into a modern form of body armour. The fashion world clearly agrees, as studs and spikes can be seen on the runways of designers like Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti.

This week’s Fashionista is showcasing both her unique style and the spike trend, all in one look that I’m enamoured with. Even her hot pink hair speaks volumes of her fearless fashion sense. Notice how the colors and fabrics she chose created an edgy ensemble, but the silhouettes kept her outfit very feminine nonetheless. By donning denim and leather she transformed the potentially conventional into effortlessly cool. What I love most about this Fashionista’s outfit is the perfectly-placed spike detailing on her jacket and loafers. The beauty of this embellishment is that it can be added to almost any piece of clothing or accessory imaginable. The look of spikes on denim creates a double dose of tough chic, but the contrasting aesthetic created by combining spikes with a chiffon blouse or a black blazer is equally eye-catching. For Fashionistas who love bold shoes, there’s a plethora of spiked options available, including my personal obsession, Jeffrey Campbell’s. For a more subtle spike statement, opt for a bracelet or ring instead.

This fall, channel your inner warrior through the trend that embodies strength and courage in a fierce fashion-forward way. Little Fashionistas are, after all, made of sugar and spikes and everything nice.


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