Who said that street wear can't look sharp? This week's Fashionisto wears a very svelte outfit consisting of a custom varcity jacket by Mishka with fetching leather sleeves. Note how keeping it monochrome makes this outfit so easy to wear, light grey skinny jeans to avoid looking flat and some jewellery to add personality. All he is missing is the obligatory black Ray-Ban sunglasses!

As I ascended into the later years of my teenage life (I exaggerate that was only about 3 years ago!) I was distancing myself from the typical adidas and Nike gear and looking for a better fit.

Now more than ever these brands are focusing on style, most of your favourite sportswear and street wear brands offer grown up, smarter options so that you can still get the comfy, rugged and reliable clothes you’re used to without compromising style.

We have a very exciting street wear scene in the UK with new brands emerging almost every weekend. Breaking into the street wear scene is always going to be a tough feat when you have fierce competition from heavy hitters like Mishka, Supreme, 10 Deep, LRG and Crooks & Castles where quality is the mantra.

But this only means newer brands need to come with something fresh if they want to survive the highly scrutinizing eyes of the Hypebeast and street wear connoisseur. Just like any competitive market that means every brand ups their game, which means what guys? Fantastic clothes for us all!

Street wear is now just as much about cut and quality as any other origin of clothing – higher end labels are also bleeding into the street wear scene, take Chevignon TogsPenfield, Moncler or Diemme as examples. Once again I preach of A Bathing Ape to the masses, also I recommend Maharishi if you are looking for beautifully repurposed army clothes.

Hold out for sales, especially at websites like, or if you're in the States. Street wear is usually released in short runs and expensive prices since all the cool kids want to rush out and buy, but by the end of the season it’s likely you’ll get some killer deals on jackets and crewnecks you were only dreaming of a couple weeks ago.

So keep it street, but also keep it smart, draw inspirations from higher end brands, add your favourite street wear brands and blend until smooth. Also be very selective – price doesn’t always indicate quality, especially when it comes to street wear!

HInt: One of my personal favorites, I'll just leave this here.


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