The bizzare weather sweeping the nation this December has caught everyone by surprise as they put away their winter coats and pull out their umbrellas and raincoats. While rain boots aren’t always the most comfortable shoe, they really do their job during days of puddles and downpour. Usually people are afraid to dress them up, but there are ways to be comfortable, ready for the rain and stylish all at once.

Camie’s skater dress has a colorful floral pattern that can be matched with many other possible colors. Green was a great choice because of the way it contrasts with the reds in her dress. Dark green Hunter Boots and a light green raincoat not only complement the dress but are quite useful parts of the outfit. Gold jewelry also stands out the most against her patterned dress and a monogrammed necklace looks refined, yet very personal. Longchamp bags are a popular bag choice at Denison, and some may wonder why until it starts raining and their water resistance comes in handy.

The skater dress has a flattering fitted waist and an A-line skirt. This year, most skater dresses are also cut into a mini, making them perfect for tights and boots. For extra waist detail in neutral colors, ASOS’ skater dress has a ballet wrap made of comfortable cotton with a stretch handle. For more of a pattern, dELiA*s sells a striped skater dress. Charlotte Russe’s skater dress comes in mint and has a scoop neck, just asking to be accessorized with a nice necklace. It also has criss-cross back detail which is very popular this season and gives this dress a lot of potential to be dressed up once the rain stops.

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