STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Step It Up For Stepping Out

Style Advice of the Week

Going out on the town on a hot summer evening poses a wardrobe puzzle for even the most experienced fashionista. When traversing city sidewalks, does she wear heels or flats? If she braves the extra height, is a mini dress (the only piece that won’t be too stifling) too much? This fashionista struck a balance that is just right for almost any evening event in warm weather. She went for heels, but chose a pair carefully. Notice how the straps – though they artfully disguise themselves as mere aesthetic décor – cover most of the foot and support the ankle in the back. If you’ll be walking any distance, this type of shoe is ideal because there’s almost nowhere that the shoe can rub, avoiding miserable blisters that are a recipe for turning in early. A pair like these or these, from Nine West, would work well, too.

A mini dress or mini skirt would, however, be a bit much for any scene other than the club. This Fashionista wisely paired the shoes with a pair of formal shorts, like these ones from Urban Outfitters – not so long that they break up the line of the leg, and not so short as to attract unwanted, roving eyes. This is the perfect look to stay cool, in all senses of the word. Her blouse and accessories complete the shorts and heels combo, as well. The chunky, gold jewelry is trendy, yet further dresses up the look, and the snakeskin clutch adds a pattern the outfit is asking for, while amping up the evening feel (a tote or large shoulder bag would scream, ‘daytime – I need everything I own with me just in case’). Overall, this fashionista has put together a cohesive, appropriate, and fashion-forward ensemble, perfect for the fashion-themed fundraiser she was attending, as well as nearly any other night she could have had planned downtown.


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