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I don’t think the boys at this university get enough credit for their style. While I tend to favor Fashionistas each week, mostly because I want to mimic the style of every Fashionista I stop, I do have a great appreciation for men’s style. Guys may seem nonchalant about their outfit choices, but I know deep down inside they get the same gratitude out of a great outfit as us girls do. Saying that, this post is dedicated to all the boys who have what it takes to dress well but just needs a few pointers.

One accessory that has always been a staple in a man’s closet is a hat. The styles of hats are endless, but over the past year we’ve seen snapbacks explode in the fashion scene, especially in the big cities like New York and Los Angeles. Whether you’re displaying your favorite sports team or rocking a unique print, snapbacks are a bold statement and great addition to any outfit, especially if you keep your outfit simple like this Fashionisto did with a jacket and nice cashmere sweater. For a snapback that will really make a statement, try Hater’s Black & Yellow Thunder Snapback. And ladies, don’t think snapbacks are just for the boys – we can pull them off, too.

A perfect complement to a snapback is a pair of Nike Dunks. This Fashionisto is wearing a pair of Nike Jordan 1s, rereleased in new unique colors. Instead of throwing on a pair of your Sperry Top-Siders or Vans, opt for those bolder shoes that seem to sit in the back of your closet, itching to be worn.

To put it in to simple words Fashionisto’s – with the snapback and bold shoes, your outfit will be foolproof.


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