STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Slip into Liquid Leggings


With the weather starting to warm up here in Lawrence (finally!), I have been spotting some great styles on campus. I continue to be impressed by how stylish our students can be! With the higher temperatures, some trends are starting to emerge back on campus. So often people overlook trends because they think that they will either fade out quickly, or that it is not wearable in real life. Today’s Fashionista proves that you don’t have to live in LA or New York to rock a very popular trend. The liquid legging trend, leggings that are made of stretchy, shiny fabric, has only continued to grow since its’ popularity began last fall. I think people can be afraid to wear liquid leggings because they think that they might be too uncomfortable or they thing that they don’t look good on them. In reality, liquid leggings are just as comfortable as cotton leggings.

Today’s Fashionista looks incredible in her liquid leggings. She makes a smart choice of paring the leggings with a simple stripped top and black boots. If you choose a top that is just as flashy as the leggings, you will wind up looking unfashionable. I love how the outfit allows for the leggings to become the main focus. Another great plus about liquid leggings is that you can find them almost anywhere.

She found hers at American Apparel, and other stores such as Nordstrom, Gap, or even Target are selling them as well. She purchased her sweater from Urban Outfitters, and got her boots from Steve Madden. Contrary to popular belief, the liquid legging trend is very wearable and is perfect for the mild weather outside.


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