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When it’s time to venture outside of your room to focus, prepare for exams and write that 20-page paper, the library becomes your new apartment. Being there puts on the pressure to study and leaves you feeling guilty if all you did was plug in your headphones and watch a movie. One you’re in, you’ve got to get comfortable and be prepared to set aside three hours of your day to be productive in this one space. However, this begs the question of dressing for fashion or comfort? For many, the obvious choice is comfort, but for all Fashionista/os, it should be the best of both worlds. This Fashionista, who I caught en route to the library, proves that library chic is achievable, and comfort can be achieved in a fashionable way. 

She looked ready to dominate her homework in a pair of BCBG leggings with panels going down her legs and across the thigh. She kept her sleek look up with a black turtleneck, light brown ankle boots and a red scarf, which made her easy to spot across campus. The combination of red, black and brown is done in a great way. Although I think a lot of people have gotten over the fear of mixing brown and black, it still lingers. Red and black is also a combination that comes with some trepidation, since it can reflect vampire costumes on Halloween and a plethora of different collegiate colors. This Fashionista, however, debunked all of these fears and associations and threw the three colors together like one big happy family.  

The comfort-versus-fashion dilemma might always be an issue, but I truly believe that a pair of well-fitted sweatpants has the potential to be fashionable. If you pair them with a knotted button-down, flats and a leather jacket, you are already one step closer to a chicer library look. If not sweatpants, then interesting paneled leggings, like this Fashionista wore, are perfect for the job. After all, looking good makes you feel better and probably helps you study harder.


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