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Just because Halloween has past, doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spooky spirit this fall. From sinister to stylish, the skull trend has once again crept upon us this season. But who says skulls have to be gothic!? Skulls are now used to represent the edgy yet chic trend that has been all the rage this summer and fall. Inspired by the delicate skull scarves of the beloved fashion icon, Alexander McQueen, the skull mainstream has taken on a new lady-like phenomenon. Seen everywhere on celebs all over the streets of Hollywood and New York City, this unique print is the perfect touch of glam to any feminine piece of clothing.

Keeping the skull trend alive, I spotted today’s Fashionista demonstrating the look with a black and white theme. What caught my eye first was the enlarged skull head on her shirt found at 344. From afar, it appears to look like a printed graphic tee but as you get closer, the outline of the skull is actually knitted onto the shirt. The stitch of the white thread creates floral vines that make up the face of the skull—a unique approach to the chic trend that I’ve never seen before! Adding a rebellious appeal to her outfit, she wears her Italian black leather jacket leaving it unzipped to let the skull do all the work. Pulling her chic and edgy look together, she tucks in her black skinny jeans into a pair of Steve Madden combat boots. This Fashionista accents the white and grey tone of her skull shirt perfectly with the touches of black throughout her whole outfit.

The best addition to this Fashionista’s outfit is her black leather purse. This unique accessory is covered in golden embellishments and its charm can be overlooked if you don’t peek close enough. The stud flare is actually miniature skulls dotted on small flaps of her bag! The delicacy of the skulls maintains a feminine style to her 344 purse, which I love. These small details are also a staple in jewelry pieces such as bracelets, rings and necklaces.

For more of the skull trend, be different with this cut out skull shirt or skull sweater both found at 344. This store has an awesome variety of skull attire that will keep you wanting more in your wardrobe! For a more feminine approach, try this sheer skull shirt from Zara. If you are looking to find an enlarged skull look similar as today’s Fashionista’s, try this black and white shirt from Urban Outfitters or add some color with this floral skull tee found on Polyvore.

So Fashionistas, let’s keep the skull candy alive this season!


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