STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Skate Decks and Crew Necks


This week we meet Fashionistos Marvin and Dan, these two stylish guys were on their way to the library one strangely sunny afternoon and I just so happened to run into them as we got off the train.

The thing that struck me the most about their outfits that day were how incredibly comfortable they looked. Dan's tapered dropped-crotch jogging bottoms, Vans Era 59's matched with a track club crewneck and oversized black t-shirt says skater, he told me that being a dancer means it's all about mobility and comfort. I had no idea you could study Urban Practical Dance at university last week they were studying the intricate art of popping and locking!

We got talking and reminiced on days where skinny jeans were still deemed as weird among our peers, it's great how fashion has opened up to our age group in the last few years and expression is really key; being dancers the two know that very well, take note of Marvin's rather impolite shirt for example.

The pair both suggested they go home and change into something more stylish, but I'm glad I caught them just hanging out. Marvin told me he works at a store calle Well Gosh out in Leicester, but fear not Londonites, there is an equally well stocked online store that I've already bookmarked. If just like me you're after a pair of Nikes similar to Marvin's be sure to check out the Nike footwear section. These 2012 Nike Roshe Run's with a fluorescent bottom are very nice indeed – another marriage of expression and comfort. 

Ladies there are also some sexy pastel vintage Nike Blazers on the site, including Pink Cooler and Mint Candy colourways. These are by far one of the easiest pair of trainers to work into the wardrobe, a timeless silhouette in some great summer colours! 


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