STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Short Boots, Long Jacket

Style Advice of the Week

There is nothing as comforting as a long coat to keep you company during winter months. When the snow begins to fall, our torso is not the only body part that craves cozy warmth. This Ohio State Fashionista reminds us that cozy does not mean frumpy – no need to sacrifice comfort for appearance this winter.

She is the picture of timeless style. While some fashion trends are bound to fizzle, minimalist chic will never fade. A simple aesthetic can be effortless, it all comes down to perfecting proportions. This Fashionista chose to keep her color palette basic, wearing neutrals in shades of gray and black. Without color mixing to worry about, layering is a cinch. Take a look at her method. She starts with a fitted gray turtleneck and adds an oversized cardigan. These layers peek out from under her classic coat, and also add texture while trapping body heat. Next, her dark skinny jeans and leather motorcycle boots emanate the aura of an edgy fashion editor. By contrasting the length of her jacket with short ankle boots, no single item is competing for attention in her ensemble. Instead, each piece is in fashion harmony. This mature approach to dressing is what separates a Fashionista from the rest. The oversized circle glasses are the cherry on top of this sartorial sundae.

Forget the puffiness this winter. With a few layering items, your arms will keep their full range of motion. The formula is simple: light layers. Try this long double-breasted coat from Zara. Not only is it on sale, but the tailored menswear feel is versatile. Wear form-fitting tops and sweaters underneath for extra body heat. Although today's look highlights solid pieces, patterned sweaters work too, as long as you tie the outfit together using coordinating colors.

Fight the winter slump by taking notes from today's Fashionista. Not only will her simple look save time in the morning, it will give you confidence in its ease. Just make sure you don't forget a pair of stunning sunglasses.


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