Roaming through blogs use to be my favourite past time. Until recently I’ve been feeling a little uninspired to put together a stand-out outfit. So what is my go-to source in order to find a good fashion outfit inspiration? Blogs. I’ve rekindled my love for the new social media platform and seek to find other dedicated global-trotting, street-stylers, cafe-hopping and fashion-lovers (all rounders pretty much) that are somewhat like me. What I see trending though is the pairing of two Fashionista’s, wearing similar outfits and their take on their individual style. To say the least, it’s receiving a double dose of fashion advice or it’s like buying two tops for the one price. Genius.

To name a few already established famous siblings, I can’t forget to mention Mary-Kate and Ashley, including their little sister Elizabeth, who is climbing the ranks of fashion icon. But beyond the celebrities, my favourite style icon sisters are the girls from the How To Live blog. Fellow Melbournians like me, Jess and Stef challenge the Melbourne stereo-type of ‘dress code: black’ by preferring to wear colours of the rainbow and eccentric prints all over. The pair just went on a trip to Paris for Paris Fashion Week and I couldn’t get enough of their outfits they wore each day! One of my favourites though was a floral set by Tigerlily and Kate Sylvester: a floral twosie and a floral printed dress. Typical of me though to like floral, right?

So there was no surprise when I spotted two Fashionista’s wearing floral, I immediately asked my photography friend Bryan (who helped me source Fashionsta’s all afternoon) to take a snap shot of them. Later I eventually found out they were sisters! What a coincidence! To create the twin look, grab your sister or best friend and find an item that works for both of you. Both Fashionista sisters here went for the floral print but chose to wear it different ways. Pairing floral denim with a basic T-Shirt emphasises the bottom half region while the floral dress is simple and doesn’t need to be accessorised much. This way outfits aren’t clashing and you’re still identified individually! So if you feel like bringing a plus one to an event, try and coordinate outfits. Two is always better than one!


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