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Sweaters speak louder than words. By a single glance at an individual’s choice of knitwear, you can tell a lot about their personality. Consider a civilian clad in a cable knit cat sweater. This person clearly is not afraid to stand out (in the best way possible) and is probably more fun than your average graphic T-shirt wearing campus dweller. That, or the individual is an elderly grandma. Sweater season is in full swing, so pick your perfect sweater and pair it with inspiration from this Fashionista.

One of the only positives when the temperature goes negative is the need to layer clothing. Of course many people layer clothing year-round, but somehow it just looks better when done for functionality—but don’t tell that to the hipsters who wear an infinity scarf over a crewneck on top of a button-up shirt… in the summer. The Ashish spring 2013 collection featured a modern flare on the button-down and oversized sweater layered combination. This Fashionista chose a vertically striped collared shirt to peak over her horizontally striped sweater.

Layering should not be limited to just the top half of the body. Try a thick pair of tights under a skirt usually kept with your summer wardrobe. Wearing a bold, bright color in winter makes your ensemble pop in a surrounding sea of neutrals. A turquoise skirt similar to this Fashionista’s is available here at Forever 21.

The pursuit of the perfect sweater is not always an effortless journey, but because it is often the key component of a layered outfit, the effort will not be in vein. With your shoulder back and your head held high, march into your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Mentally prepare yourself for the hunt. Have your elbows at the ready to fend off any small children or grandmothers that eye the same sweater as you. I wish you all good luck—this is sweater season.


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