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The profusion of chilly rainfalls here in Binghamton is characterized by dampened walkways and gray clouds. Becoming too familiar with the sound of raindrops on the concrete, and much too prone to disregarding fashion during these more than mono-weekly occurrences, we must still remain loyal to the caliber of our daily style.

Instead of dwelling on the uninspiring skies, this Fashionista wore printed rain boots, certainly heightening her attitude towards the dark gloominess of the season. She assembled an excellently understated masterpiece, matched with a chunky, knitted sweater. This admirable simplicity resulted in an effortlessly chic creation.

Her outfit represents an admirable template for any rainy day. This Fashionista focused on her revered rubbers as the concentration of her ensemble to compensate for the bleak conditions. Alternatively, to accommodate Fashionistas that have simple and solid rain boots, sport a bold sweater as the day’s highlight piece. With standard leggings and high socks, you will be sure to impress alongside the crowd of sweatpants and tees. A patterned pair of leggings could also be used as a centerpiece, accessorized with an infinity scarf. This Fashionista’s style reflects a wide range of possibilities and the versatility of fashion.

Follow in this Fashionista’s lead: brighten your mood and rebel against the dismal days of winter. Combining our most cherished trends—oversized sweaters and perfect prints—she showed us that the poor weather doesn't have to influence our chicness. Dressing for the rain should be just as stylish as for the sun, so have fun and be bold!


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