STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rock A Lil’ Spring In Your Fall

Style Advice of the Week

Who says that you can't rock a spring dress in the fall season!? I was thrilled when I came across this Fashionista. I not only appreciate individuals who challenge the barriers and rules of fashion, but this particular Fashionista is rocking a great long spring dress, in October. With an interesting twist of layering a wool, lime green, homemade scarf and thin cardigan, she transitions and styles the garments into a wonderful fall look.

As I continue to discuss the transition of weather, as well as clothing, from summer to fall in my blog posts, I think we can agree that here is another Fashionista who knows how to transition well. Not only does she present herself with an element of confidence, but the styling and collaboration of fabrics are very interesting.

From the laced-ankle, peach socks to the floral, '70s-inspired printed dress, I think this look holds itself together in a great way. Not only is it a simple color pallet of blues and soft greens, but it is also both eye-catching and unique. This makes the look so successful.

This fall season, not many long, thin fabric dresses are seen on the streets. I was really impressed that a long, spring dress could look so casual styled together for this fall season. Being so unique and successful excites me and makes me appreciate fashion. Whether it be excessive trends, an overload of prints and colors or just an alternative, unique look, individuals who can alter a look and style it successfully at the same time, is impressive and thrilling to me.

This week I hope you all take on the challenge and wear something you wouldn't usually wear in this fall. Be creative and unique. Maybe if the weather is cool enough, rock a favorite sweater with rolled up jeans and statement socks, or put on a favorite crop top and layer it up with scarves and baggy jackets. Experiment and see what you can create! This particular Fashionista got her collaboration of clothes from a local thrift store, and added an element of home with her homemade scarf from her mother. Very cool!

Go out, get inspired!


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