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While in rival territory, I spotted these two Florida State University students adding their personal spin on “frat tank” fashion. In college, there is a multitude of instances where one is forced to wear the same shirt as the rest of one’s organization. Instead of blending in and looking like one of the masses, one has the opportunity of accessorizing her way to standing out.

These two students managed to take the same yellow frat tank and make it look unique. This Fashionista decided to pair her tank top with distressed skinny jeans with strategically cuffed bottoms, like this pair from Pierre Balmain. Instead of going with the yellow theme, this Fashionista thoughtfully selected sandals with a touch of a red hue to accentuate the red writing on the tank.

This male fashion fiend chose to pair his tank with khaki shorts and combat boots. He left the boots unlaced for additional impact. His hat was carefully color-coordinated with the black and yellow in the standard tank top and his large black framed glasses gave off a relaxed, hipster vibe.

Both fashion fans accessorized with gold rubber bracelets that had most likely been distributed along with the tank tops. However, this Fashionista’s male friend decided to go for an “arm party” look by layering on multiple bracelets.

This Fashionista’s hair accessory proved that headbands are not out of style. Her headband featured a feminine bow with the Seminole logo. Headbands and bows with school colors and motifs are a great way of demonstrating school spirit on game days and at organizations’ events.

This dynamically styled duo is a great demonstration of fashionable student involvement. They show that ordinary tank tops and T-shirts can be styled and accessorized into fabulously unique looks with a little creativity. Next time you are forced to dress like everyone else, remember how these stylish students transformed their uniform tops into outfits with personal flair.


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