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Wrinkles never looked so good. Although your grandmother may beg to differ, this is actually a trend, not to mention the ideal style for the average college boy. No irons needed — simply ball up your sweater, and shove it in a drawer. Your boyfriend’s dream world, right?

This Fashionisto clearly exudes charm. Pairing his navy wrinkled Forever 21 sweater with light denim from Gap, a black belt and a gorgeous pair of brown boots, he is dressed to impress on a chilly (but sunny) Friday afternoon. His sunglasses are the perfect add-on.

His good looks and phenomenal sense of style weren’t the only two things that drew me to this handsome young buck. What really caught my eye was that he is the poster child for what fashion does for people: it makes you feel good and gives you confidence.

I’ve said it before in my biography post, and I’ll say it again — fashion is all about wearing what makes you feel good. The clothes don’t make the person, but the person expresses himself/herself through fashion choices. And it just so happens that this trendy wrinkled sweater and perfect pair of boots give this Fashionisto some extra pep in his step and confidence to take on anything this Friday had to throw at him!

I searched high and low using keywords “Wrinkled Sweater” and returned nada. However, fret not, young fashionistos/as. If you can’t find a pre-wrinkled sweater at Forever 21 like this fellow did, go on a hunt for any type of form-fitting knit top. Wrinkle it yourself! Light denim is sold just about everywhere on the planet, so you shouldn’t have to reach for the stars to achieve this part of the ensemble.

The perfect brown boots might take a little more effort to track down, though. This pair of Troopahs from Steve Madden strongly resemble this Fashionisto’s set, and their impeccable beauty makes me grin from ear to ear.

I sincerely loved every part of this Fashionisto’s outfit choice. He hit it out of the park. His choices made statements, and more importantly, they made him feel good. No irons necessary.



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