STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Red Hot and Homemade


Don’t let the super wide leg fool you—those are pants, not a skirt. This Fashionista’s flared bottoms definitely add a lot more than just flair to her outfit. They make her look brave, creative and fashion-forward. Anyone wearing pants like these must be cool, right?

Well, this Fashionista also happens to be crafty. She bought these pants at a vintage store in Nashville before fixing them up to fit her measurements and specifications. The close-up photograph reveals portions of the pants that had previously been transparent. She added fabric underneath these parts to make the pants fully wearable. Once this Fashionista hit the streets with this signature piece, she might as well have been strutting down a runway, which is where we usually find different takes on flare.

Flared pants are a staple in fashion, no matter what category (or decade) they’re placed into. Flare was prevalent with hippies during the ‘60s and in a whole different way it’s been recently popular with the modern woman. noticed the trend with designers just last year. Check out the slideshow featured on their Style File blog. The way that some designers implement flare seems to make flared pants not only suitable for fun outings, but also for formal business occasions (or going to work in general). It’s an easy way to liven up an outfit that may be bordering on uniformity.

So, whether you’re looking for something to work in or play in, you should have flare on your radar. If you’re looking for something a little more subdued, Anthropology offers these simple (yet amazing) high-rise gems. But if you want something with a little more color, check out these Urban Outfitters floral pants (similar to the style that this Fashionista wears). Her purse is from H&M. I like this light brown one from Urban Outfitters for a more rustic feel or this luxurious See by Chloé bag. Her shirt is also from Urban Outfitters and her necklace is from Etsy.


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