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The presence of flowers has the ability to conjure diverse emotions within humans—ranging from the excitement of the first bloom in spring, to feelings of gratitude when presented with an unexpected bouquet. Flowers are magical because they are able to instantaneously able to add lightness to any situation. They have the ability to congratulate, consol and proclaim one’s affections.

As the transition from sunshine filled dawns to blustery gray days takes place, we are faced with having to say goodbye to the bright poppies and daisies that made up our landscape, and say hello to the crispy warm-hued leaves instead. However, the featured Fashionista shows that the cheer and lightness flowers bring do not have to be reserved for warm weather seasons, but can also be enjoyed year round. This Fashionista was able to seamlessly transition her florals for a fall appropriate outfit by pairing her cropped floral top with a camel-toned maxi skirt and a dark-hued denim jacket.

For a top that shares a similar print and cropped style, consider this floral zippered top sold at PacSun. With this shirt, you can follow in the footsteps of the featured Fashionista by pairing it with a maxi skirt and a denim jacket, or try layering it under a lightweight tunic with denim jeans and boots for an unexpected pop of print. If you are interested in sporting the floral trend but are looking for more coverage, I would recommend this top sold at Urban Outfitters. The bold colors in the print and contrasting black collar work together to make a daring statement item that will send you into instant trendsetter status. For the girl who considers herself a trend risk taker, try these flowery jeans sold at Nordstrom. This item would be best showcased when paired with neutral items, such as a beige chunky knit sweater and boots.

Flowery prints in a variety of apparel give us the ability to indulge in reminiscence of spring but still look appropriate for the autumn season. The best part about this trend is that when springtime comes along there will be no need to overhaul your closet in search of something to wear—this print has already got you covered.


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