STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pretty Little Puffer

Style Advice of the Week

It’s Halloween. I should not be writing a “Ways to Stay Warm 101” post right now. Alas, the current average temperature in Athens, Ohio is 40 degrees, so this post is happening.

Puffer vests—they kind of speak for themselves. If you wear them correctly, you look chic and warm. If worn incorrectly, you look like a marshmallow. Lucky for me, I found this Fashionista bundled up, looking a tad chilly, but very trendy indeed.

She chose a black puffer vest, which made it very easy for her to pair other pieces with it. Buying the vest in black was a wise decision. It matches any color underneath, and most winter season shoes are of the black or gray variety. Her long gray cardigan underneath is the right shade to continue with her dark, monochromatic color scheme. She adds a deep (and sparkly!) purple infinity scarf as an accessory to complete her look. This is my favorite piece because she was able to continue with her dark tone style while incorporating something fun and practical. With her hair in a top bun, glasses on and basic denim on the bottom, she's cute and casual.

What's the most important thing to remember with this ensemble? Choosing the puffer vest is not an easy task. Shopstyle and Polyvore both have great options for puffer vests. If you buy one from there, I can pinky promise you won’t be looking like a marshmallow anytime soon. As for the infinity scarf, we all know you can find those anywhere. But if you’re interested in one similar to this Fashionista's, EXPRESS has a gorgeous shimmering infinity scarf in various shades.

I think this Fashionista is successful because she accomplishes warmth and style all at once. It’s harder than it looks to do that. Usually, cute outfits are not conducive to freezing temps. So let's take a moment to give cheers to the puffer vest—the wearable pillow.


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