STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pretty, Pretty Princess

Style Advice of the Week

My personal style has always been over the top; My closet is filled with ruffles and glitter. It comes as no suprise that this Fashionista caught my eye with her subtle, ladylike style. Her look is classy, but, she still successfully wears details that some may shy away from—fearing a look of excess.The key here is her color palette and use of accessories.

Her sweater and skirt reminded me of a modern Jackie Kennedy. Not only is the sweater a perfect color choice, but the texture adds a softness to her look. If you have somehow made it thus far without owning a black high-waist skirt I urge you do stop what you're doing immediately and head to H&M. It will be the best six dollars you've ever spent. This is the one instance where I suggest a fitted sweater rather than an oversized style. To get the softness of this Fashionista's sweater, I suggest angora or mohair like this piece from J.Crew.

If Jackie Kennedy were alive today, I believe she would layer pearl necklaces, just like this Fashionista chose to do. I suggest throwing a colored rosary into the mix with your pearls for a contemporary mix up. Don't underestimate the power of a headband, just think of Jackie and Blair Waldorf. When I found out that this Fashionsta's tights were from Claire's my nostalgia went into overdrive. When you're home for Thanksgiving break, grab your girlfriend's and head to Claire's for memories sake and because these tights are adorable! I like how the brown complements the softness of the look and adds a dash of fall. This Fashionista's shoes were possibly my favorite detail, and as far as I'm concerned, it's nearly impossible to top floral tights. Ladylike with the perfect mix of color these shoes have become my favorite fall accessory and I will not stop until I find them. For now, these will have to do.

For further inspiration, pour over old photos of Jackie Kennedy and recent photos of Lana Del Rey, with a dash of styling sense from Marina and the Diamonds. Also, play dress-up with your mom or grandmother's closet!


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