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It’s no secret that almost every Fashionista’s favorite show to gawk over is Gossip Girl. From Blair’s classy, girly wardrobe to Serena’s sexy and trendy style, there’s so much to lust after. With all the drama, the beautiful city of New York, and the extravagant lives they lead, the fashion is what keeps drawing me in. I remember in high school all I wanted to do was move to New York and assume Blair Waldorf’s life. I ended up in San Francisco, which is just as good if you ask me. This week’s Fashionista is the Blair away from NY. Right when I saw her, I knew she embodied my favorite Gossip Girl looks: playful, girly and all dolled up.

Blair Waldorf can pull off any print or pattern you throw at her (who else could pull off this Moschino cherry print dress?) and just like this Fashionista, she knows how to mix them as well. Pattern mixing is scary at first, I’ll admit, but when it’s done right it’s sure to turn heads. This week’s Fashionista paired a black and white polka dot dress with a red tweed crop jacket and red and white heels. She finished the look with a neutral Chanel bag and black sunglasses. The red in the heels work perfectly with the red tweed and the neutral bag adds just enough contrast to the overall black and red look. To successful pattern mix, go with contrast. Two patterns that are too similar will look muddy—such as paisley and toile. Another tip is to do like this Fashionista did, and mix bigger patterns (the polka-dots) with smaller patterns (the tweed). Lastly, when in doubt, just add leopard: because it’s practically a neutral, right?


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