STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Preppy and Perfect!

Style Advice of the Week

I figured there would be no better way to end my fall internship then to do a style advice of the week on the biggest Fashionisto on my college campus. Being a Greek, this fraternity boy is a constant fashion statement not only to his brothers, but also to the entire Greek community.

Being dressed in the most perfect preppy outfits during every season, he really shows off his preppy style during the wintertime. This Fashionisto is wearing a pair of khaki pants, which he purchased at J.Crew. Having a pair of khaki pants is an essential to every man’s closet. Not only are they a great fashion statement, but also they are great to wear to any business-like occasion.

Along with these fashionable khakis, this Fashionisto is also wearing a striped dress shirt from Brooks Brothers. Dress shirts come in all different colors, styles and patterns. This Fashionisto chose a blue striped one, which matches well with any type of pants. It is a good idea to have colors such as black and white in your closet as well, for those neutral colors goes well with any ensemble.

What makes this preppy outfit perfect for the wintertime is his Fashionisto’s trench coat. It is perfect for going over any type of shirt, which makes it an essential to have during the winter season. If not a trench coat, a pea coat is also a good article of clothing for a male to have in his closet. The navy blue matches great with the rest of his outfit. Having a jacket as stylish as this one in a neutral color is a better idea since you can get way more use out of it during the winter. Finally, this Fashionisto finished his outfit off with a Burberry scarf. Sometimes, accessories can help make an outfit and in this case this scarf does just that.

This Fashionisto is the preppy and perfect and with the right attire, you could be too!


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