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Watch out Harvard. Classic chinos in faded reds are a campus favorite not only for the Ivy League. Here on campus, they’re once again making a statement for fall. The signature color may be faded and a little worn in, but there’s no sign of this piece fading away.

Love it or hate it, preppy dressing is an iconic collegiate look. From Jack Kennedy’s flannels to Ralph Lauren logos and the original Lacoste croc, Nantucket Reds are synonymous with prep-approved attire and a long time campus favorite. The canvas style of these pants gives them a casual feel and makes them a fundamental part of a classic wardrobe. Of course, any true prep knows that they can easily be paired with striped ties and navy blazers.

The key to a clean and classic look is to put together quality staples: a light blue Polo button-down, Ray-Ban aviators and Sperry Top-Siders not only define college, but are the characterization of iconic prep as well. Wearing pants in faded shades of salmon and red breaks away from the boring blues and khakis while no being too showy.

To snag a pair of these trousers, head to Murray’s Toggery Shop located on the island of Nantucket, where the style first caught on, but there is no need to take a trip. Iconic labels such as Vineyard Vines, J.Crew and the king of classics, Ralph Lauren, have snatched the concept of Nantucket Reds. This look is true to American roots this fall. Pair a light blue oxford with faded red pants for a varsity cool and classic collegiate combination.


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