STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pleasantly Peasant

Style Advice of the Week

It doesn’t matter how many tables we serve on the weekends, we college students often have a tough time making ends meet. Thanks to rising tuition we are convinced Ramen noodles should be on the food pyramid and we can make $10.00 fuel our car for the week. Though we do rent our apartments, we don’t have to cultivate any land before class bright and early. Sometimes the life of a broke college student can seem like the peasant life. Now that we have perfected it, we can dress the part too.

I know, you must be thinking, come on it’s nearly winter, peasant tops and dresses are for summer. You might be broke as a joke, but this is no joke. The peasant look can be easily transitioned to suit the rapidly dropping temperatures.

While wishing I had spent an hour’s worth of my paycheck on Starbucks, I spotted this Fashionista donning a peasant dress. Her high-low peasant dress provided just the right amount of coverage for the brisk evening temperatures. She knew exactly how to transition this dress from summer to fall with opaque tights and boots.

Sure, jeans and pants are easy to maintain; you don’t have to think about holding down your dress when the breeze comes. Tights and boots are the perfect solution to this dilemma. This fall and winter you can take a peasant note from this Fashionista and mix up your cooler weather wardrobe. A little bird told me peasant skirts that reach below the knees with tights and a sweater are ideal for fall as well.

Also, the peasant top offers a broad range of fashionable possibilities. For cooler days layer your top with a blazer for a polished effect or throw it over a dress with a chunky cardigan. The peasant look is not exclusive; it can be paired with an edgy leather jacket or retro high-waisted pants. Fashion can be as transitional as the weather with minimal effort. A variety of stores offer peasant inspired attire. Who knows, your mom just might have a peasant top hidden deep within the aging depths of her closet.

You don’t have to work the fields like Millet’s The Sower to be fashionable. You too can be pleasantly peasant this fall.


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