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A wave of heat could never deter the stampede of Fashionistas making their way to the Promised Land that is Coachella. Although these festival goers are often well seasoned veterans who are practical in their ways, great care is taken when regarding their ensembles. Much of the fashions at Coachella can easily be described as hippie chic, but when you look closely, you can see the various music genres materialized. You will see everything from a breezy, ‘70s dress to studded cut-offs paired with the latest American Apparel leotard. It is easy to see why a fashion bible, like Harper’s Bazaar, and fashion lovers keep a watchful eye on the trends that emerge from the muddy fields of Coachella.

Not everyone gets the chance to brave those muddy fields, but there is no reason why festival trends cannot be integrated into anyone’s closet. There are a few key components that make up a typical, Coachella look, the shoes being the first. Rain boots as well as low cut, grunge-like boots have quickly gained popularity ever since Isabel Marant’s ‘Dicker’ boots became the new, big ticket item at the festival. Such casual footwear gives the wearer a license to take one of two paths, to continue with the more grunge look or to inject some juxtaposition into the rest of the outfit.

There is something intriguing about pairing heavy boots with more romantic garments. Airy, cotton garments can especially provide coverage for us fair-skinned ladies while still keeping us cool under the scorching sun. Mixing prints and graphics is a highly utilized skill at Coachella, but by returning to a simpler fabric of white lace, there is more opportunity to add funky accessories. If you still feel the need to inject some color into your outfit, take the plunge and dye your lace garment. To continue the ombre trend while keeping its original charm, dip-dye the item in a pastel shade. If the garment is sheer enough, you could also pair a neon or patterned item underneath it to make the look more modern. If the weather is not too brutal, adding dark tights is an effortless way of offsetting the cutouts of the lace or scalloped edges.


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