STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Oh The Weather Outside

Style Advice of the Week

While Belmont is trimming the campus with holiday garb, the students have been forced to resort to wearing shorts and light sweaters. The weather in Nashville over the past couple of weeks has been so incredibly unpredictable. One night it will be freezing, but in the 70’s come morning. Finding a Fashionista/o in the winter can sometimes be difficult since everyone just piles on coats and scarves, so I wasn’t complaining. Also, who hates warm weather?

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for the every-changing Nashville weather. She layered black tights under a pair of black denim shorts worn with some black boots. The monochromatic bottom half is slimming and allows for a pop of color on top. For that, she went with a laidback peasant top with colorful stitching around the top and a lapis cardigan. Her tousled bun and messenger bag boast that she is ready to take on finals week.

If you were wearing this outfit on a warm day, what would you do if it dropped to 45 and you couldn’t make it home to change? Well, us Nashvillians have got it covered. The key is to layer so you can always be at the perfect temperature by either adding or shedding a layer. Since the nights get cold here, make sure to bring a coat and scarf with you. You can be cool during the day with light layers and bring out the heavy ones when the sun goes down. You won’t even need to go home to change your outfit!


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