STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Nothing Better Than Wearing a Sweater

Style Advice of the Week

Mother nature has really thrown us Fashionistas for a loop this fall season. Beginning with horrible destruction caused by hurricane Sandy followed by a miserable snowstorm and days with temperatures as low as the 30s, Fashionista’s are finding themselves perplexed at what to wear because they are unsure of the weather that Mother Nature is going to throw at them.

There is no better way to stay bundled up during these cold temperatures than by wearing an oversized sweater. They are the perfect article of clothing to stock up on as we start our slow transition into the winter season. This Fashionista is wearing a crème colored cardigan down sweater that she purchased at Old Navy. These oversized sweaters are perfect to wear on top of any type of shirt and are a great alternative to a jacket, considering we have not reached our peak of the coldest temperatures yet.

Sweaters come in all different colors and styles as well. Although the term sweater often refers to a pullover, it can also refer to a cardigan, a garment that opens and fastens down the front. The beauty about a sweater is the variety of different styles. They come in various necklines such as a V-neck, crew neck and turtleneck. The abundance of options allows you to chose whichever one would look best with the bottoms you are wearing. Sweaters look great with jeans and boots, which is what this Fashionista decided to wear on this cold fall day.

Nothing screams fall like a pair of dark colored corduroys. This Fashionista is wearing a fun pair of burgundy jeans that she purchased at Loft.  The pattern on the corduroys makes them extremely fashionable as they match perfectly with her cardigan. Some great corduroy color choices for the fall are red, teal, orange, dark purple, and yellow. These colors would go great tucked into a pair of your favorite boots with any type of sweater.

To top off this entire outfit, wearing a piece of statement jewelry is the way to go. This Fashionista likes to buy her jewelry at different boutiques. You can also find fashionable and inexpensive jewelry at stores such as Forever 21 and Charlotte Rouse. Jewlery can be the perfect touch to any outfit so it is a good idea to have a variety of different kinds.


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