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As kids of the '90s, we often find ourselves in the characters we watched on TV — we were always Lizzie McGuires that wished we were Kate Sanders, or Tais that wished we were Cher Horowitzes. When it came to My So Called Life, I ached to be Rayanne Graff merely for her fearless fashion. She strutted the halls in her ying yang earrings and red tights without a care in the world. As our classmates surrounded us in Abercrombie & Fitch, she was a breath of fresh air in her one-of-a-kind plaid button-downs and prairie skirts.

While some of her fashion choices were more than questionable, Rayanne always seemed to pull together clashing patterns by the tiny string of coordinating colors. She managed to make it work with matching blues and reds, even if they were checks and stripes or patchwork and polka-dots. As we venture into a '90s flashback this fall, we need a little of Rayanne’s confidence when rocking clashing patterns and bright colors off the runway.

This Fashionista mastered the eclectic style of many favorite '90s characters. The black and white pattern of her jeans provides a perfect blank canvas for the rest of the outfit; the pattern is a perfect geometric clash with the checks of her flannel. The oversized flannel houses panels of the brightly background checks. She takes the look to a grungier level with her black leather lace-up boots. Paired with the flannel she is now ready to take on the streets of London’s Brick Lane or maybe the halls of a 1990s high school.

Don’t cower from fall 2012’s intimidating looks, channel the confidence and clashing patterns of Rayanne Graff when you don these styles. It’s a little bit of retro, but it’s a lot of taking a chance.


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