STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mixing Colorful Textures

Style Advice of the Week

With 500 Fashionistas and Fashionistos attending Teen Vogue Fashion University in New York City, it’s difficult to stand out in the stylish crowd. This Fashionista, a student from the Fashion Institute of Technology, managed to turn heads with her colorful, hard-to-ignore ensemble of a teal yarn sweater, lace skirt, neon necklace, burgundy leather satchel and beige-gold platform sandals.

The city was surprisingly not too cold and was actually fairly warm for mid-October, which made her sweater and skirt teaming perfectly appropriate, neither bundled up head to toe nor dressed for a summer outing. But, what really makes this outfit pop is its colors and mix of fabric textures.

Initially, the bold teal color and the neon yellow adorning her collar caught my eye. As I looked closely I noticed how each component of her outfit was of completely different fabric, making it very defined and hard to miss. I love how she took the time to contemplate on which texture would complement another. The sweater’s soft furry yarn paired with the lace skirt exuded a quirky vibe, yet a feminine and delicate feel as well. Even the statement necklace is uniquely made out of fabric and not of the usual chains and studs. The bright neon contrasts well with the sweater and brings more definition and fashion to the outfit. The combination is spontaneous, embraces multiple trends and is visually appealing and tangible, a sense of style similar to what you’d see on Tommy Ton’s street style stars. 

This Fashionista’s styling confirms that that are college students out there who take risks, use creativity and careful consideration in compiling an outfit. She's truly one to be inspired by. Next time, look in your closet and challenge your sartorial editorial eye by experimenting with tops, bottoms and accessories of varying and distinct texture, garment and color to create a ensemble of true style unique to your own.


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