STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Looking Fabulous In Fur

Style Advice of the Week

One of most controversial items a girl can have in her closet is a fur coat. It seems that no matter which way you go with it, there is some stigma attached that piece of outerwear. If you go with a real fur coat, you might be approached—rather strongly—by animal rights activists who could ruin your fancy mink with red paint and mean words. But if you decide to go with the animal friendly route and opt for that faux-fur option, you might be accused of being tacky and tasteless. For these reasons, just avoiding this outwear option is your best option. Despite my brain knowing that this is the smartest option, I am drawn to them every year. Because at the end, is there anything more glamorous than a full fur coat?

So if you are like me, you have probably been struggling with ways to pull off this tricky piece. About two years ago, I made my first attempt to rock the fur coat, buying a $20 faux-fur coat from my favorite thrift shop. Although some people gave me plenty of compliments, I also got enough judgmental looks, especially from my mother who “accidentally” gave it away last year when I was at school. After my mom’s great betrayal, I gave up my dreams of being that glamorous and mysterious girl in the fur coat. Well until I saw this Fashionista casually walking to class looking amazing in a very daring leopard print fur coat.

Taken aback by her outfit and coat, I stuttered with amazement as I asked to take her picture. How did she manage to pull off this fur coat, and to classes at Colgate no less? I stared at her outfit, trying to pinpoint exactly what made her outfit acceptable and not tacky. Was it how her gold necklace and black leggings paired perfectly with the tones in the leopard print? Was it because the red shirt took away attention from the fur? But suddenly I realized, that although these were all great decisions in the creation of this outfit there was one thing that truly made this fur-coat work. She wore it with no hint of embarrassment or self-consciousness.

So if you have any desires to wear a fur coat, give it a shot! Although it is definitely not the standard outerwear on the academic quad, with the right amount of confidence, you’ll easily be the most fashionable person out there. If you decide to try this fashion challenge, you have a couple options. For the animal friendly readers, there is this lovely faux-fur option from MINKPINK. But if you are really going for a glamorous fur coat, high-end retailers like Bloomingdale's provide you with many options to choose from. But for both the faux-fur and real fur pursuers, I highly recommend some vintage shops. The gems found in vintage stores are sure to be cheaper and more unique. Not to mention that if your coat is real fur, vintage shops are a more animal friendly option since you wouldn’t be fueling the present fur market. But no matter which fur coat you choose, remember what will really make your outfit is your confidence.


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