STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Leather And Fur — The Unstoppable Duo

Style Advice of the Week

Leather and fur go together like chocolate and peanut butter – perfectly.  Another important fact about the two, they stand strong on their own (this goes for chocolate and peanut butter as well) and complement each other when put together. As separates, leather and fur give off a luxurious feel, and it doesn’t matter if they’re faux. In this Fashionista’s outfit, not only did the pair look opulent, but also somewhat exotic. This could be due to her small purse, which reminded me of certain South-American-style bags, or the way she confidently and effortlessly wore her outfit.

Another thing this look accomplished was remaining stylish in icky weather, a feat that can be hard to achieve. Instead of rain boots, she opted for a camel-colored heeled bootie and in place of a trench coat, she went for an umbrella and fur-and-leather combo. Underneath her top layers, she wore a multicolored knit sweater with a hint of sparkle and a long gold necklace, which added to the great layering. 

If it’s still winter on your campus, and you don’t own a leather jacket or a fur vest, don’t fret. You can still incorporate the two into your wardrobe in completely different ways, like through fur earmuffs or a pair of  leather shorts. However, if you find it isn’t cold enough to wear leather or fur, take advantage of winter clearance sales and stock up for next year.

All in all, this outfit has achieved things that all Fashionista’s should aim to do: battle the weather with glamorous layers and combine leather and fur whenever the opportunity presents itself. The power duo don’t have to be separated, as this outfit proves. Also, if she wasn’t carrying an umbrella, you may have never guessed how nasty the weather was.


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