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We’ve entered that period of the year where you cannot quite figure out what temperature it is. I look outside of my window every morning to see a beautiful sunny day only to be hit with some chilly wind a couple hours later. With this type of weather you have no choice but to layer.

My favorite layering piece is the scarf. To start off, a scarf is an incredibly practical layering piece because it is incredibly easy to take off and on. So I can quickly add a little layer to protect myself against the cold on my way to class and just as easily take it off when I reach my slightly warmer destination.

But this post is not just about how practical a scarf is against the fall wind, but also how it can enhance your fall wardrobe. Often, fall clothing stay in a brown, dark green and black color palette that complement the autumn feel very well. Although I love the color palette and the cohesive outfits I see around campus, these ensembles tend to lack color and individuality that can be found throughout the summer season.

The scarf is the perfect way to solve both of these issues, as demonstrated by this Fashionista and her paisley scarf. This final addition to your outfit can offer you the pop of color or pattern that differentiates your fall coat and boot combo from everyone else’s.

This seasonal staple can be found everywhere this season. The were an important accessory found throughout a huge array of designers fall 2012 collections, including Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, and alice + olivia. But off the runway, scarves can also be found by all of your favorite brands in all of your favorite stores. I personally love these beautiful printed scarves by Marc by Marc Jacobs and Tolani. But my true scarf obsession is eternity scarves, like this one from Urban Outfitters.

Scarves serve to both protect you against the cold and enhance any fall outfit from your formal attire to your lazy Sunday outfit at the library. So no matter the pattern or color, scarves are always the best accessories for your fall outfit.


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