Want to look as good as this stylish Fashionista? Then you have got to learn how to layer your clothes! Layering is the perfect way to make your outfit work for you. It can basically balance out your body's proportions, for example, if you have a longer torso, wear a crop top on top of another shirt to give the illusion of lengthier legs. Exactly like what this Fashionista did; I really liked how she went one step further by layering two collared shirts of two different sizes together. It may not sound good in theory, but I reckon what she did works extremely well and is vital in the outcome of the outfit, she definitely knows what she is doing!

Layering opens the doors to so many opportunities. Having nothing to wear will not be an issue anymore, as you can pair various clothes (from various seasons) with each other to form new outfits. You can snazz up a casual summer dress by layering a collared shirt underneath it, or pair socks with heels to get an instant preppy look. The possibilities are endless. Layering is definitely the way to go when it comes to chilly days as well. Coats and wool sweaters tend to go better with the layered look.

You do not need to go out to buy anything new when it comes to layering. Seriously, just look at your closet, I know you guys have definitely got something in there that you have not worn in ages, or something you left in there because you brought it home and turns out it doesn't match anything! That's the best thing about layering, it's tough to go wrong. So enjoy and have fun!


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